Important Notice Regarding Sage 16.1 Upgrades

March 20, 2017

There are a few Simba ODBC driver compatibility issues in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate version 16.1 version that are effecting many third party applications such as TimberScan, MyAssistant, Office Connector and MS Access.

Sage has developed a hotfix and the information can be obtained here or by accessing the Sage Knowledgebase, Defect 81640.

This fix must be applied immediately after the Sage 16.1 upgrade to the server and all workstations accessing TimberScan.  If not applied, it will result in the inability to attach checks and other serious problems.  Furthermore, it will create corrupt file links that will manually have to be corrected.

While we’ve worked with clients the past few months to correct these file links, as of April 1st this will be part of our billable services.

We appreciate your attention to this very important matter!