TimberScan Mobile Sunsetting Notice and Migration Information

December 3, 2018

On December 1, hh2 cloud services and Core Associates announced the termination of our relationship and the sunsetting of TimberScan Mobile to customers, which will be effective June 1, 2019.tgpre-3monitor

Recognizing the increasing importance of mobile applications to our clients, we have been hard at work developing TimberScan Go, which is the replacement app from Core Associates, the makers of TimberScan. Beta testing will begin in January and the fully deployed app is on target to be available for existing mobile app users and new customers well in advance of the June 1 date.

Initially, TimberScan Go will have all the AP workflow functionality of the current mobile app. It will also provide us with a platform to bring you far more TimberScan functionality on your mobile devices in the future.

More good news for everyone is that we will be able to provide TimberScan Go in a much more cost-effective manner. As we proceed with this project, we will be making availability announcements and offering demonstrations.