Below, please enter the estimated AVERAGE hours spent by your AP department PER MONTH conducting the following tasks:

Copying & distributing invoices for approvers

Copying invoices by approvers

Handling questions about invoices from vendors & mgt.

Faxing invoices & supporting docs

Researching Invoices that are being held

Handling approved invoices that exceed commitment

Preparing Invoices for check signer

Time spent by check signer

Attaching check stubs to invoices

Handling supporting Docs, Lien Waivers, Rec Tickets

Preparing reports for auditors and lenders

Copying invoices for T&M Billing, Loan Draws or CAM billing

Purging old documents

Reporting/Tracking on pending invoices

Time spent managing approvers

Manual data entry of invoices

Time spent correcting data entry errors

Manual emailing of reports & documents to groups of recipients

Manual indexing of reports & documents sent

Please enter the estimated AVERAGE hours spent by all other departments (non AP) conducting the following task:
Time spent conducting any and all administrative tasks related to AP invoicing

Please enter the ESTIMATED DOLLAR amount for the following:
Monthly Fixed AP Costs including : Paper, toner, postage, storage/rental fees, audit & accounting fees, litigation costs, and missed vendor payment discounts.)

Please enter the estimated number of planned TimberScan users. *Do not include view-only users as they are included at no charge.
Active users (Data Entry/Admins, Reviewers, Approvers)

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