General Contractors

"Great time saver, speeds up invoice processing, cuts out paper invoices and filing, user friendly."

- Debbie Rollins - Andres Construction

"Very easy to use, love having digital images with quick access to view."

- Jamie Cook - BENCHMARK

"Our annual saving by implementing Timberscan is probably $100,000 because we are able to take better advantage of prompt pays."

- Randy Kraft - Bergstrom Electric

"With scanning and processing invoices on a daily basis not only is A/P always up to date but we can also get up to date contract information. Our A/R Dept. now relies on Timberscan for invoicing cost plus invoices"

- Beverly Sorvillo - Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc.

"Real time saver"

- Joe Miranda - Boa Construction

"I like it and have been using it since 2009."

- Gabi Zirschky - Central Plumbing & Heating

"I can't imagine doing an invoice approval process without it. It makes too much sense not to use this software. We've reduced hard copies. We've stopped filing the hard copies we have alphabetically which saves a lot of time. The reporting works very nice as well. I spend more time in Timberscan than I do in AP."

- Dustin Miller - DJ Construction

"It is a great way to integrate Timberline and Streamline your invoice approval process all while gaining a greater level of accountability."

- Sarah Rose - Dunnet Bay Construction

"If you have Timberline Accounting you should have TimberScan to make your AP process easier and faster."

- Chris Russell - Engelberth Construction, Inc.

"I would stress the fact that you can now view invoices from Timberline. This alone saves an amazing amount of time since you no longer have to dig in file folders for invoices."

- Paula Balcius - Fulcrum Associates, Inc.