Specialty Contractors

"It is a great research tool."

- Jeff Buday - ABI Mechanical Contractors

"That it's a great and efficient program to use to approve/store invoices. Invoices can be reviewed and approved by the responsible person at their convenience whether it be in the office or at home. We have never had any complaints or problems with using the system and feel like it would be beneficial to any organization."

- Angie Lagemann - Allen Concrete & Masonry, Inc.

"It has cut down immensely on the time it takes to approve invoices. We have multiple locations and we previously had to move paper invoices from one office to another for approval which resulted in invoices constantly being lost. Timberscan has virtually eliminated the issue of lost invoices along with the blame game that always seems to accompany flaws in the system."

- Rick Branch - ARC Abatement

"The processing of invoices is considerably faster, all the work is done in the beginning with the PO"

- Brenda McCoy - Atmac Mechanical Services

"Overall has greatly improved our AP workflow, quicker approval, less "lost invoices", very nice to have scans of invoices in Timberline."

- Cam Besseling - Besseling Mechanical

"The ability to see invoices online (in the home office and from remote sites) has been one of the biggest advantages of Timberscan. Also, the ability to run files capturing all accounts payable invoices for specific time period and accounts has saved us several hours each month from our previous paper system."

- David Capella - Central Ceilings, Inc.

"Buy it."

- Maeva Mayes - Dean Crowder Construction

"Replicates Timberline data entry very well. Software is very easy to use - I generally train new users (approvers) in less than 30 minutes. Works well in our Citrix environment."

- Steve Bruce - FWS Group of Companies

"Workflow is completely intuitive and start up is a breeze. No doubt there are great efficiencies gained and we could not live without it."

- Robert Locke - Houle Electric Limited

"It's the best software we ever purchased!"

- Diane Daigle - Maine Drilling & Blasting, Inc.