Join us in a 1 hour webinar to learn about TimberScan 100, a powerful content management and automation solution designed especially for Sage 100 Contractor users. By attending this session, you’ll realize the potential resource savings YOU can experience just by using TimberScan 100.  This presentation includes a demonstration of:

  • TimberScan 100: Learn how to acquire AP invoice data, automatically route documents for approval, and sync AP information with your Sage 100 Contractor system to save your staff mounds of time and manual work.
  • Core Cloud Systems (CCS): Quickly develop and deploy forms and applications for your business, streamlining both accounting and operations while syncing with TimberScan 100 and your Sage 100 Contractor system.


Alternately, you can view The TimberScan 100 Overview Webinar On Demand. You may also book a one-on-one demo for your organization by completeing this this short form.