Gain a Competitive Advantage

To be successful in today’s business environment, companies need every advantage they can get. Efficiency and communication resources are a big part of enabling productivity while both office and field workers want easy-to-use, technologically-advanced solutions that automate labor-intensive processes.

With these demands and the many unknowns involved with operations and construction projects, it’s mission critical to have accessible, accurate, and timely information. That’s why over 1,400 companies and 25,000 users trust TimberScan from Core Associates to help them gain a competitive advantage. Calculate your TimberScan ROI Now. TimberScan is the market-leading, as well as the industry’s first, paper-free invoice approval, routing, and document management system designed for Sage Construction and Real Estate.


TimberScan dramatically streamlines the accounts payable process and provides exceptional reporting capabilities – helping you make well-informed, timely decisions. TimberScan automates any document with workflow, approval, and field-level security. Easy to use and quick to navigate, TimberScan dramatically improves accounts payable processing and provides exceptional enterprise content management.

A/P Routing & Approval:
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AIM (Advanced Image Management) for All Other Documents:
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Enhanced Functionality with the TimberScan Productivity Suite


TimberScan Go is an app included with TimberScan that lets approvers review AP invoices from anywhere. The easy to use app allows users to add notes, and reroute, reject, or approve invoices — plus more!
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TimberScan Capture uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to automatically convert scanned documents into digitized TimberScan invoices, creating a simple and automated data entry and coding experience.
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Core Cloud Systems or CCS (formerly TimberScan eForms) allows quick development and deployment of forms and applications for your business, streamlining both accounting and operations.
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A powerful print engine and document automation tool, TimberScan Commander helps facilitate the creation of useful business intelligence.
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