Cloud Automation from the Makers of TimberScan

TimberScan Titanium, the latest AP automation technology from Core Associates, offers first-class workflow approval processing and document management for cloud-based ERPs. Experience invoice data simplicity! TimberScan Titanium offers automatic coding, approval routing, and access to project documentation that’s a step above the rest. Takes paper-free AP tasks to the cloud for flexibility that matches your business expectations with TimberScan Titanium.


TimberScan Titanium for Sage Intacct

Get to know TimberScan Titanium for Sage Intacct, the newest AP solution from Core Associates. TimberScan Titanium offers cloud-based automation that takes the headache out of invoice processing and document management.

With direct integration to Sage Intacct, TimberScan Titanium users acquire invoices, route them for approval, manage electronic job documents, and so much more, from anywhere− without ever touching a piece of paper.

Finance and operations professionals will experience a powerful solution that is versatile enough to meet their data management needs while syncing with Sage Intacct. With highly-rated technical staff and an expert development team, TimberScan Titanium customers receive a premier experience. Join the thousands of TimberScan users that already know and love AP automation from Core Associates.

Auto Acquire –  TimberScan Titanium offers users the ability to receive invoices into your database by automatically grabbing invoice attachments from emails.

Cloud Capture – Using our Smart Extraction technology, TimberScan Titanium has the power to code invoices for you, hands-free, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition.)

Masterful Approval Routing—Experience the power of TimberScan from anywhere, now in a cloud-based environment for Sage Intacct, with simple or complex approvals workflows to match your processes that are accessible.

Store & Sync—Powerful document management lets you store and manage job related files for easy access from Sage Intacct or from TimberScan Titanium.

TimberScan Titanium is a Sage certified product for

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