productlogocommanderA powerful print engine and document automation tool, TimberScan® Commander allows the addition of workflows to any type of report, including Sage reports. Once properly configured, you simply select Commander from your list of available printers, allowing you to easily customize and automate tasks for a specific document.

Download the TimberScan Commander Data Sheet

Commander can provide automation for any document or report from any source, including Sage 300 CRE, provided that the report design can be edited. This capability includes purchase orders, contracts, leases, and accounts receivable invoices. With Commander, ‘invisible’ instructions are embedded in the design.

Many construction and real estate AP professionals use TimberScan Commander to print a batch of change orders and automatically email them to specific vendors with matching subject lines. Their change orders flow seamlessly into TimberScan, as fully coded, searchable, and viewable supporting documents that are then integrated into Sage 300 CRE as an attachment to one or multiple records.

Commander can also enable immediate document indexing to TimberScan – eliminating a number of steps that help save precious time. Affordable and easy to use, Commander delivers a quick return on investment.

In summary, key benefits of  TimberScan Commander include:

  • Time savings
  • Ease of use
  • Seamless integration with Sage 300 CRE