Innovation is our passion

We continuously envision, conceptualize and bring innovative ideas to the industry. We have a deep desire to deliver value to the market. We’ve created a perfect climate for innovation.

Virtual is our reality

Our virtual business may not have a brick and mortar structure, but we are a real business providing real solutions. Our business goals and plans are solid and our commitment to our employees and clients is ironclad.

Be bold: Go forth and solve

Whether it’s getting the bugs out of a program or troubleshooting a problem and no matter how challenging it is, we LOVE to solve. Our programmers and customer service personnel work together as a team to unravel complex situations and develop solutions.

Flexibility is our core ability

The world is changing and being flexible is more important than ever. We’re not afraid of change. In fact, we welcome change as an opportunity to improve and grow. We value feedback and we listen to our employees and our clients with an open and creative mind. We put forth a best effort to optimize experiences and make work-life easier.

Core Cares

While we are a solutions provider that develops software, we focus first on people. Compassion and friendliness matter deeply to each employee at Core Associates. We aim to demonstrate this not only through our words but through our actions, too.