Your margins are razor-thin and your employees need help increasing their productivity. To be successful in today’s competitive environment, construction and real estate companies, large and small, need every advantage while their employees need easy-to-use, technologically-advanced solutions that automate labor-intensive processes. And with so many unknowns in the execution of construction projects, it’s mission critical to have accurate and timely information.

TimberScan provides business leaders the information they need to run their business efficiently and professionally. It empowers them, puts them in control, to make decision that move the business forward while reducing burdens on AP personnel. Designed exclusively for Sage 300 CRE, TimberScan is easy to use and quick to navigate, dramatically improves accounts payable processing and provides exceptional Enterprise Content Management.

TimberSscan is the market leader for accounts payable processing and Enterprise Content Management, chosen by more than 1,400 companies and 25,000 users over the past decade.

The Reason So Many Clients Rely On Us

Every day, we aim to develop more innovative solutions that help solve our customers problems. Every day, we seek to improve on our service record and resolve customer issues quickly. Every day, we are here for our clients to ensure efficiencies are made possible in their business operations through the use of our software. We deliver on our promises, partnering with some of the best providers around, and devlop software based on the feedback our clients give us. We consider ourselves to be a part of your business journey and our customers count on us because we follow through.

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